Mentoring month – ‘finding career support in my home country’

Are you an international law student looking to establish some professional networks in the legal sector in your home country? Have an idea about where you’d like to work, but want some advice?  

Check out our Law International Mentoring Scheme, which matches international students to law graduates working in legal roles in a variety of countries overseas. The scheme aims to show you how your law degree is relevant in a real-world context, as well as assisting with the transition of working in your home country after studying in the UK.  

Previous mentee on the scheme and LLM International Law graduate, Anh Hoang Tran explains more about her experience on the scheme: 

Anh Hoang Tran

Why did you apply to the mentoring scheme and how did you find the experience?  

“I applied to the programme because I’d get a glimpse of what it was like working as a lawyer, so I would become more sure of what I wanted to do in the future.  

My mentor actually studied the same programme that I did so he was able to give me a lot of tips, and also he worked in the field I did my thesis with, so I was lucky to have the chance to bounce off some ideas with him.  

It’s not that time consuming – and the time you spend researching for the knowledge exchange brief, that time was actually very helpful for my study so I got to brush up on my skills and some of the knowledge that I learned.”  

What did you gain from the mentoring scheme? 

“The main thing that I gained from the experience was the chance to network, the chance to know someone who’s working in the field, I think is very precious.”  

What’s your advice for anyone considering signing up to the mentoring scheme? 

“Be courageous, apply for the schemes, for the opportunities that are open to you. When I started off on the scheme, I was a bit insecure about whether I’ll be able to do this task and whether I’ll be able to complete it, but then the mentors and people at the PLN network – they were very, very supportive and I think it really helped me grow as a student and also a prospective candidate in the eyes of the recruiter.” 

Applying to the scheme 

The Law International Mentoring Scheme is open to second year, final year LLB and MA, and LLM Law students. You can find out more about this scheme and our other mentoring schemes on the Law School Mentoring pages. 


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