Mentoring at Bristol – explore a less traditional career path with your law degree

Are you starting to think about what your next steps will be after you graduate? Interested in exploring a less traditional career path, but not sure where to start? 

Check out our Law in Society Mentoring Scheme, which offers students the chance to be mentored by a legal graduate working in a non-corporate law field such as human rights, government and policy – highlighting the diverse range of careers a law degree can offer.  

We asked last year’s mentees what their key highlight of the scheme was: 

 “I loved discussing what different options there are for a career in the HR field, and how willing my mentor was to help us find new opportunities – it’s something I don’t think I would’ve heard in any other situation” 

female student sitting down with laptop open, smiling at another female student in the foreground with her back to the camera in an open cafe environment.

Mentors signed up to the scheme for 2023/24 work in a wide range of organisations, including: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Oxfam GB, Ofcom, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, Department of Health and Social Care, Metropolitan Police, Maritime and Port Authority Singapore, BBC and Office for Environmental Protection.

“My supervisor was really welcoming and made me realise what the job entails – she helped me prepare for my future career.”

How mentoring can benefit you

Securing a mentor can help you to develop key skills that employers are looking for, such as communication and personal skills, increase your confidence and motivation and provide you with an opportunity to delve deeper into a particular area of law or non-law.

By working with a mentor, you will gain first-hand insight into a role, organisation and/or sector that you are interested in pursuing or may not have considered. Our mentors offer invaluable support and advice, offering new perspectives on possible career options that relate to your degree.

Applying to the scheme

In conjunction with the Professional Liaison Network, the Law in Society Mentoring Scheme is open to second year LLB students. You can find out more about this scheme and our other mentoring schemes on the Law School Mentoring pages.

Applications close at 9 am on Saturday 30 October.

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