Mentoring at Bristol – “I gained advice tailored to my area of interest”

If you are looking to build your professional network in the legal sector, then the Law School Professional Mentoring Scheme can help. Open to University of Bristol law students going into year two of the LLB Law and MA in Law, the scheme allows you to gain a deeper insight into working in corporate or commercial law.

2022/23 mentee and second year LLB Law student, Vanesa Kerle shares her experience of being mentored, and outlines the ways it has helped her gain a deeper understanding and develop networks in an area of law she is most interested in.

Female law student, Vanesa Kerle standing in front of a river in a city setting, wearing a jumper and red scarf.

Why did you apply for the Professional Mentoring Scheme?

I found the opportunity to receive personalised guidance from a legal mentor with an expertise in the area of my interest to be extremely valuable.

How do you feel the scheme allowed you to meet your initial objectives?  

One of the main objectives I had prior to joining the scheme was securing work experience, which, with the help of my mentor, I managed to do. This was a week-long experience in a London media law firm, during which I had the opportunity to work on a variety of tasks, providing me with a hands-on insight into the work of media lawyers.

What have you learnt from the scheme? 

I gained an invaluable insight into the realm of intellectual property and media law. Due to my mentor’s experience, I received advice tailored specifically to areas of my interest, which was beyond useful. This included networking tips, recommendations for staying up to date with the developments in the field as well as contacts which enabled me to expand my professional network.

What will you do differently as a result of being on the scheme?

The scheme helped me to narrow down my interests in terms of the area of law I’d like to pursue in the future. As a result, I can now adopt a more focused approach in terms of application and firm choices. I will also tailor my choice of extracurriculars to align more with my future career aspirations.

Any suggestions for future mentees to help them make the most of the scheme?

Have a clear idea of what you want to get from the scheme and communicate this to your mentor from the outset.

What would you like to do once you graduate?

Although I’m still unsure about the career path I’ll end up pursuing post-graduation, I am particularly drawn to media law, and the Professional Mentoring Scheme definitely encouraged me to explore the area further.

Application details

Applications are invited from LLB and MA students going in to their second year in 2023/24 academic year. See our Professional Mentoring Scheme webpage for more details on how to apply. The deadline for submissions is 5pm BST on Monday 24 July.

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